Breaking Into the Cape Town Music Scene

Breaking Into the Cape Town Music Scene

Cape Town is a diverse and buzzing city, a quality that results in a constantly changing musical landscape. Due to its unpredictability, more and more bands are trying to find the balance between the love of the art and acceptance and success in the music scene.
Check out The Sleepers (@TheSleepersSA) and Forefront (@ForeFrontSA) discussing the Cape Town music circuit.

B-b-blasted C-c-colds

Right, let’s talk about colds. Colds are the bane of my existence. I have an annoyingly weak immune system and am known for getting flu-like symptoms on the regular – for example, right now. Even though every person on the planet is liable to colds and flu, I (as well as most others) display little to no true empathy when people tell me they’re sick, simply because you feel like no one really gets as bad a cold as you do so they have no idea what suffering is. Don’t deny it, you can’t help feel dismissive and uninterested when your friends tell you how clogged up and coughy they feel – what exactly do they want you to do about it! This is not a very helpful stance to take but it appears unavoidable so, instead of the weak and thoughtless “oh I’m sorry, you’re not feeling well? What a pity” let’s try and help ourselves by putting a stop to these pesky colds and not boring others with our woe-is-me stories. Continue reading

Stonehenge occupied 5,000 years earlier than thought

The Heritage Trust

Stonehenge Restored
From the 1880 edition of Our Ancient Monuments And The Land Around Them by Charles Philip Kains-Jackson
Mark Prigg, writing in the MailOnline today, reports that –
Human beings were occupying Stonehenge thousands of years earlier than previously thought, according to archaeologists.
Research at a site around a mile from Stonehenge has found evidence of a settlement dating back to 7500BC, 5,000 years earlier than previous findings confirmed. And carbon-dating of material at the site has revealed continuous occupation of the area between 7500BC and 4700BC, it is being revealed on BBC One’s The Flying Archaeologist tonight [not all regions*].
Dr Josh Pollard, from Southampton University and the Stonehenge Riverside Project, said he thought the team may have just hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of Mesolithic activity focused on the River Avon around Amesbury. “The team have found…

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North Korea to foreigners in South: Prepare to leave

Curiosity Bytes!

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea on Tuesday, April 9, urged foreigners living in South Korea to consider evacuating, saying there was a risk of “thermo-nuclear war” breaking out on the Korean peninsula.

The warning followed a similar evacuation advisory the North gave Friday, April 5, to foreign embassies in Pyongyang, saying it could not ensure the safety of their personnel if war broke out.
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“The situation on the Korean peninsula is heading for a thermo-nuclear war,” said Tuesday’s statement which was attributed to the North’s Asia-Pacific Peace Committee.

“In the event of war, we don’t want foreigners living in South Korea to get hurt,” said the statement, carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

It urged “all foreign organizations, companies and tourists to work out measures for evacuation”.

After last week’s embassy warning, most governments involved made it clear they had no immediate plans to withdraw personnel from…

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Feature Article: The More You Know, The Easier You Breathe

Breathe in deeply, feel the clean air as it goes in through your nostrils, past your windpipe and down into your lungs. Your ribs and chest expand to match your contracting diaphragm as your body fills freely with oxygen, sustaining and protecting your blood cells to circulate healthily. Feel the cool sensation of air passing between your lips as you naturally exhale, expelling stale air.

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Video of the Day – 4/10/13 (The Beginning of the Universe)


Daily Video — “The Beginning of the Universe

Today’s video from TED jumps back in time to, well, the beginning of time!  Take a look at the Big Bang Theory and how both cosmologists and particle physicists are working together to arrive at a unified theory for how the Big Bang occurred and what happened in the microseconds following it up to the state of the Universe today.

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